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Κανένας πόλεμος στην Τροία και άλλα ποιήματα (لا حرب في طروادة)


Author: Nouri Al-Jarrah نوري الجراح

Nationality: Syria

Original title: لا حرب في طروادة

Genre: Poetry

Year original first published: 2019

Translation language: Greek

Translation title: Κανένας πόλεμος στην Τροία και άλλα ποιήματα

Translator(s): Persa Koumoutsi

Nationality: Greece

Publisher: Nikas Books

Publication place: Athens

Publication year: 2023

Year translation first published: 2023

Is this a re-translation: No

Physical description: Poetry Collection

ISBN: 9789602964460

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