About Al-Daleel

Al-Daleel is an Arabic word with multiple meanings. Among them are ‘index’, ‘guide’, and ‘evidence’, all of which aptly sum up what this online resource offers and aims to achieve.

Nicknamed the ‘Bibliography of Arabic Literature in Translation’ (BOALIT), Al-Daleel is the first ever online index of translations of Arabic literature, comprising records from the pre-Islamic period to the present day. In addition to modern literary genres such as fiction and drama, Al-Daleel lists translations of the oral poetic tradition, early Arabic literary prose, and theatre plays not published in book form, as well as other literary works that bear intellectual, aesthetic, and/or socio-cultural or historical value.

Al-Daleel offers a wealth of information about Arabic literature in translation. It is freely searchable and fully interactive, allowing anyone to contribute to it. Among other things, it documents what has been translated from the Arabic literary tradition into other world languages. The bibliography also includes a constantly updated list of news and events, biographical information on publishers, authors, and translators, and a large list of other resources.

With a steadily increasing number of records, Al-Daleel aims to become a key online destination serving the needs of anyone interested in translated Arabic literature, including academic scholars, independent researchers, writers, literary commissioners, publishing agents, translators, librarians, students, and general readers. It offers a valuable resource for streamlining international interest in Arabic literature. It also helps to develop and enhance people’s knowledge of Arabic culture, their understanding of the position of Arabic literature within the spectrum of world literature, and the influence of Arab writers outside of the Arab world. Consulting Al-Daleel will provide access to a plethora of knowledge, expanding people’s familiarity with Arabic literature and raising the Arab world's international literary profile.

There is a notable lack of tools that enable easy access to information about Arabic literature translation in general and, in particular, about translation flows from Arabic literature into world languages and related events. Al-Daleel attempts to fill this gap, which makes its role essential and worthwhile.

While Al-Daleel currently contains a large body of records of translations into numerous languages, its records are still incomplete. Did you know that you can help expand Al-Daleel? The site makes use of crowdsourcing, so if you have ever read any Arabic literary works that have been translated into other world languages, please consider adding them to the bibliography if they are not already there. Please help to make Al-Daleel as comprehensive as possible.

Other means of contribution are also gratefully received – please visit our support page for more information.